Werewolf Dark Beer 8.2% Alc

Lithuania’s world-famous beer-making traditions take their roots in antiquity. Lithuanians know their beer and truly appreciate this remarkable potation. Today many old families possess unique beer recipes passed down to them from generation to generation. [These are genuine relics of the past and part of the rich Lithuanian heritage.]

One ancient Lithuanian legend tells the story of a young man who was in love with a girl of exceptional beauty. Alas, he knew not how to win her heart. But he did have old family recipes for brewing some extraordinary beers, for they came from his great-great-great-grandmother, allegedly a witch. And the young man decided to treat the object of his affection to one of these concoctions and brewed it himself, employing the lover-enchanting recipe. One night the fair maiden tasted the freshly-made beer and, to our lad’s great horror, transformed into a wolf right on the spot. Apparently the young man somehow mixed up the witch’s recipes…

What happened next is another story for another time. For now, think hard whether you really want to try this beer, made according to an ancient recipe. Had it not been mixed up with another? You must be sure you want to taste it. :)
Pours with a tall lingering froth. Beautiful caramel, copper color. Wispy beige head. Complex smell. Aromas of sweet malts, spicy hops, wet hay, plum, brown sugar. Taste is complex too. Flavor of rich sweet malts, caramel. Lots of toffee. Full nectar with good carbonation. Hides the alcohol very well. A mild malty sweetness ensues as the werewolf attacks with its high abv. Nice chewy texture. Overall it has an earthy presence and finishes dry bittered nicely.

Naturally fermented.